Earth, the magnetic potato?

Scientists in Munich have presented their research on how the Earth’s oceans might look if not for its internal currents, tides and the weather. Are we a rotating potato? Check the link.

Check out more in the article here: A Matter of Gravity


Turntables In Outer Space!!

If you haven’t seen the documentary, My Heart is a Drum Machine you have got to check it out. Here is the IMDB page. It is available on Netflix (under Documentaries) and was  shown at the Phoenix Art Museum in 2009 . This flick looks at the idea that rhythm is the undercurrent to everything around us, and is like a fundamental language of the universe; also that our pulse, our heart, is beating steadily like a metronome or a drum machine!

It features many well known musicians and artists talking about what music means to them. As a DJ, singer, and music-maker, this movie tugged at my heartstrings, but as a media scientist, and lover of space exploration facts, I was excited to find out there there is a set of golden LP records catching a ride on Voyager 1 and flying through outer space beyond our solar system .

Voyager's Golden Turntable!

Voyager's Golden Turntable!

The Voyager 1 satellite was launched in 1977 and has been going strong for the past 34 years. It was built to last only 5 years. Actually, it just zoomed past Pluto recently into the outer shell called the “heliosheath” and is heading out of our solar system! On the website for this satellite, they are saying it should be sending data for another 10 years.

Image of Voyage

What?!? First of all, this thing was build in the 70’s and it’s still ticking. Second, this satellite is millions of miles away and we can still communicate with it and get data? Those scientists definitely were long-term planners and severe geniuses. My favorite part of this whole thing? NASA is KEEPIN’ It TIGHT!!! …sending Turntables into Outer Space. If any other lifeforms come across the Voyager 1 (which happens to be the 3rd human artifact to leave our solar system), they will encounter a set of decks among the things that define humanity. I for one, am pleased!