Earth, the magnetic potato?

Scientists in Munich have presented their research on how the Earth’s oceans might look if not for its internal currents, tides and the weather. Are we a rotating potato? Check the link.

Check out more in the article here: A Matter of Gravity


Lightning In a Bottle Festival Line-Up Announced +a Link to 33 Mixes for your EarHoles

Looking for Some Music to Stream while you go about your business? The Lightning in a Bottle Festival  (see my POST from 2/27) just ended their MixTape competition, and 33 people submitted mixes. Basically the only requirements were that the mix could only include artists that were on the Line-Up for the Festival, and it had to be 30-60 minutes long.

LIB Header

Here is the link to 33 DOPE mixes, including one by YOURS TRULY: CLICKY HERE FOR MY “LAND OF ENCHANTMENT” MIXTAPE

Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2011 LineUp

Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2011 LineUp

So… aside from the amazing MUSIC taking place at this 4 day festival on Memorial Day Weekend, there is also AMAZING ART! The folks running this festival just recently released the ARTIST LINE-UP for “Lightning in a Paintcan” (raising funds through a silent auction for the DoArt Foundation, a non-profit organization). Here is a ScreenShot to give you a taste of the Phenomenal Artwork you can catch live at the Festival.

Some of the Artists that will be painting LIVE at LIB 2011

Some of the Artists that will be painting LIVE at LIB 2011

Well this year, one of the featured artists includes a Local Arizona Artist who goes by the name of GRIFFIN ONE. Check out to peep his art. Here is the info about him on the Lightning in a Bottle Site. There will be a forthcoming post that covers this Renaissance Man’s diversity of creations, but for now, here are some images to salivate your senses:

Hatched (canvas with aerosol, acrylic & airbrush)

Hatched (canvas with aerosol, acrylic & airbrush)

TreeHouse Mural

A Little Sampler of the Goods

Tree Fort

Tree Fort at the Compound in Tempe-z (check how the branches extend into the real world, what?!)

DJ Roc Raida

DJ Roc Raida (painted Live on stage when Roc Raida played the Blunt Club in Tempe AZ)


Post-Apocalyptic Survivor, this Female Warrior that inspires me...

OK, that’s all for today. I think I put in enough links here to keep you busy for a few hours! PEACE & LOVE from the Ladies of KeepITight! ‚̧